Day 4: 427 days to 27th birthday

It appears that Stella’s gotta get her groove back.

The great thing about architecture school was that exams were kept to a minimum, and practically non existent by the thesis years. Enter the AREs and this girl has to remember how to effectively study. Books? I’ve gotta read books? And remember what I read? Yikes.

So I started with flashcards. Ive got Kaplan and Archiflash, and after the first couple of runs through them I’m feeling more comfortable with Archiflash. Vocab is nice to know, but I can’t see myself spending too much time on these. I’m much more concerned about the contracts, so will probably dive into those next. I’m anxious to, for some reason.

But now, Saturday, and things are hopping in Portland! Rose Festival this morning and the Timbers take on Colorado tonight. With the summer finally gracing us with its presence, making sure there’s time for both studying and fun will be key! Flashcards on the MAX? Oh I think so.

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