Day 24: 407 days to 27th birthday

So I went to Boston.

I knew I was going to Boston, and wouldn’t be studying during that time. It was, after all, a vacation with the boyfriend to see the sights, attend a college friend’s wedding, and try to wrap my head around just how many Dunkin Donuts can be located within one city block. The trip was great, and it was nice to have a chance to step back from the study guides and get lost in the awe inspiring side of architecture. As Nate and I walked the North End, lost on the narrow streets flanked by old brick buildings, I found myself commenting on their creation. “You know what’s ridiculous?” I began, pointed to a heavily ornamented five story flatiron, “The construction documents for this was probably a couple pages of elevations and floor plans. Maybe a small spec.”

I guess even on vacation you can’t turn off a professional mind 100%.

But now I’m back, writing a summary of AIA Doc A101, listening to Typhoon, and trying to ignore the voice in the back of my head that wants me to sort and tag my countless travel photos. The fact that I have a month until I sit for the CDS exam is really the only thing keeping me on task. I imagine in a week or two the real panic will set in. I’m a couple of pages into A101 and so far it’s going pretty well. I ran across the commentary for A201 and B101, which should come in hand when the time comes to dive into those.

I gave the kaplan online supplement CDS final exam a go as well tonight. 60/80, or a 75%, which is a pass by kaplan standards. Not a bad start, but I found myself guessing on more than a few. It seems that most of the question are set up as “if this happens…then how do you best deal with it?” Seems to be a question that comes up a lot at work, so thinking about things practically like we would in the office is a good strategy.

Alright, perhaps a few more Articles of A101 now. At least it’s light reading.


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