Day 29: 402 days to 27th birthday

You know what’s terrrrrible workout music? Schiff Hardin lectures. Now don’t get me wrong, they’re a fantastic resource for learning about contracts and basic legal ramifications of professional practice, but when it comes to motivating one to run that extra mile…well, better leave that to the upbeat stylings of Girl Talk.

So here I sit at home, gross from the gym and annoyed that my idea of using treadmill time to learn about contract documents totally bit me in the gluteus maximus. They’re interesting to listen to, but it looks like I have to be totally focused in order to get anything out of them. That’s fine, I guess I’ll just sit down with the actual contracts discussed and go through them with the lectures. I was just hoping to use my time a bit more efficiently. I’ve been working on my schedule for the month:

Some of the text is light, but you get the idea. A chapter of Kaplan a night, focus on a contract document a week, work through the vignettes on Wednesdays and Sundays, and take a practice exam every Saturday. If I stick to a strict schedule the next few weeks, I figure I’ll have the week before the exam to really focus on working through practice exams and timed vignettes, as well as review anything that might still be a bit fuzzy. (My money is on the AIA docs.) This will no doubt keep me busy, but I find that laying out a schedule with my other priorities and events will at least keep me in check…and remind me that it’s time to go back to the gym.

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