Day 36: 395 days to 27th birthday

Tonight I feel like I learned something. It’s nice to be familiar with this material, but up until this point, I feel like I’ve been treading water more than swimming to a destination. It’s actually been a little fighting. Am I ever going to be able to know this information off the top of my head?! Luckily tonight I was able to really focus, and got through a couple things: the first few articles of AIA B101 and the Dorf vignettes.

Solutions by Dorf is a straightforward set of tips and guidelines for completing the vignettes. He points out the typical things NCARB is looking for, regardless of what the building plans look like. I did well on the first vignette, and was glad to see my pencil sketch (I’ll be damned if I’m going to try and make up my own section in the NCARB drawing software) looked almost identical to the passing solution he provided. The second vignette was a bit trickier, and I learned the importance of reading the program. I missed the guideline that the ducts in the second floor should be able to fit in both section volumes. In my solution the ductwork above the offices would have been exposed in the lobby. Oops! This was the first time I’ve ran across this criteria when studying, and now I know to spend an extra few minutes reading and really digesting the program before beginning to draw.


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