Day 46: 385 to 27th birthday

Ok, so after last night’s doom and gloom fest that has now been dubbed AREFREAKOUT1.0, I took the time tonight to put on some tunes that always recharge my creative drive and cleaned my design/study space.

ahhh...that's better.

Article 8 is going much better tonight, and the concept of mediation/arbitration/litigation is making mores sense. With as sue-happy as people are in the professional world (in the States at least) I’m having a hard time seeing why an architect wouldn’t have a contract in place with the kind of protection that B101 offers. Litigation sounds like a nightmare. Of course, I imagine mediation is hardly a walk in the park either. At least not one without an unbiased, third party belonging to the American Arbitration Association. How quaint. I’m beginning to appreciate the belief in the profession that the majority of an architect/principal’s job is PR. Work with your owners, work with the contractors, keep open, efficient, and honest communication going for the duration of the project, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a success. That, and keeping record of all those conversations, just in case you find yourself in court anyway.

Alright, it’s Friday night, and like any good 20-something I’ve got a late, boozy, evening ahead of me. And by that I mean sipping a weak white russian while getting through the last five pages of B101 before I let myself crawl into bed. Party.


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