Day 50: 381 days to 27th birthday

“How goes studying?”

The text from Nate is familiar…and these days I’m able to smile instead of grimace when it pops up. As I find myself well into crunch week, staring down the barrel of the CDS gun, I can’t help but start feeling a little reassured with my progress. My exam scores are all passing, and the vignettes are going really well. The only thing that is still throwing me on the graphic portion is successfully minimizing ceiling heights around clerestories (as seen in the Kaplan’s practice exams). Here’s hoping that they won’t be on the exam, or if so, that I’ve learned my lesson about reading directions.

By now my study tools and routine are pretty well set:

– As many practice questions (from NCARB/Kaplan/ARE Study Review 4.0) that I can mange
– a Schiff Hardin A201 or B101 lecture a night
– AIA Commentaries on A201 and B101 reviewed during the lecture an re-reviewed after
– Kaplan and ArchiFlash cards for an hour or so.

The process: study rigorously, eat a cookie, repeat.

Tonight will be more of the same, with an extra hour thrown in to do a mock vignette exam. I feel like I have a good grasp on the software, but I need to work on my speed. Also, make sure I don’t swear under my breath as much…as much as I’d love for a run-in with the Prometric proctors.

T-3 days. I’m looking forward to 5pm on Saturday already.


4 thoughts on “Day 50: 381 days to 27th birthday

  1. cococarli says:

    Hey Jen!
    Im in the middle of studying for CDs and Im reading over the contracts. I have printed the one from the Prof Practice Handbook we used in ARC school its the B141 1997 edition. Is that one ok for me to be studying from? I mean I know its more or less all straight forward but just to make sure. Thanks again for all your motivation and congrats on all your PASSes! xo

    • jennypdx says:

      Hey! My understanding is that the exams are based off of the 2007 contract documents, so it would probably be best to study from those. The AIA website has some really handy PDFs that you can download on the A201 General Conditions and B101 Owner/Architect Agreement. Here’s the link, scroll down to “Commentaries and Comparisons” . You might also consider listening to the Schiff Hardin lectures (there’s a link at the bottom of my blog to them) on the contract documents if you haven’t already. They’re really helpful, especially if you follow along with the AIA documents while listening. Hope that helps, thanks for the kind words! Good luck!

  2. cococarli says:

    hey jen!
    2 friends of mine just took Cds and they both said there were a lot of questions regarding fire resistance. What source do you think is best to read up on that subject?


    • jennypdx says:

      Hey! I don’t recall studying anything specific on that, to be honest. Sorry. The NFPA is a great go-to resource for fire safety, and you might check out the IBC or Building Codes Illustrated for the sections on fire resistance. Hope that helps, good luck!

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