Day 53: 378 days to 27th birthday

Last night, as I was sprawled across the bed re-reading notes and study guides, I caught myself smiling. Wait. Really? Am I actually enjoying all this? As dry as the information is, I think I might be. I’m feeling generally prepared for tomorrow. I got through the NCARB vignette in 25 minutes…almost missed drawing a duct though, good thing there was time to thoroughly double check. I also put together a few tables of info on specifications, insurance, bonding, and fees, just because I was having a hard time keeping everything straight. Here they are if you want to check them out: ARE CDS Tables.

It’s my sister Amanda’s birthday today, so I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit and hanging out with her and the folks. (I hear she wants to go to Produce Row Cafe. Win.) I might sneak in a little last minute studying after celebrating tonight, but I can’t seeing it being anything more than trying to finish memorizing the CSI Masterformat Divisions. I guess at this point, if I don’t know it now, then I probably won’t in the next 30 hours, so why worry?

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