a super study guide for super bowl week and the pre-exam jitters

"do we have any cake???" she said every night for two weeks.

Exam day is tomorrow and I’m feeling…well…terrified. But I know I shouldn’t be.

I put together a massive 60 page study guide (download the pdf here…it’s good karma to share) based on the guides that other areforum members have posted as well as different articles, schiff hardin lectures, and chapters out of the AHPP that I’ve found helpful. It’s organized to follow the content areas in the NCARB exam guide as close as possible. While there are a few typos (the Great Fire in London was definitely in 1666, not 1966, whoops) I feel like it covers a lot of issues, and has been an incredibly helpful study exercise.

My vignette time is down to 20 minutes, and I’m feeling comfortable with the circles/offset issue. Sounds like NCARB throws a few curve balls at you, so will be sure to read and re-read the instructions carefully and take my time.

Tonight the plan is sit down with the guide and quickly review everything. I know it’s not worth cramming too hard at this point. I’m ok with most of the concepts, and contracts/cd issues are pretty straight forward. I need to devote time to making sure I have ADA dimension requirements down, history names/concepts understood, and ownership concepts figured out. When I write it down, it really doesn’t seem that bad.

Everyone has been incredibly supportive, and for that I’m so very grateful. Nate’s been full of words of encouragement and my sister Amanda showed up with a chocolate cake last night (I’ve been pining for chocolate store bought sheet cake for weeks). I guess all I can do at this point is give it my best shot, and if I pass great, and if not, I’ll revisit it in August.

So here’s to the final night of studying (for this one, hopefully). My exam is at 1pm tomorrow, and I’m planning on getting to bed early for a good night sleep.

After a piece of good luck cake of course.

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2 thoughts on “a super study guide for super bowl week and the pre-exam jitters

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