on puns and parking

I managed to get a sweet collective groan from friends and acquaintances Saturday night after my boyfriend inquired about my day:

Nate: How’d the studying go?
Jenny: Okay, I’ve been working through a lot of site information. Honestly it’s been a bit grading.

I was finally able to wrap my head around the site grading vignette tonight, and my completion time is about 20 minutes. That’s 10 minutes longer that I want it to be, so I will be spending the next few lunch hours working on speeding up my time while maintaining accuracy. Now it’s on to the site design vignette, which at this point still really scares me. I went through Dan’s Helpful SP Tips on the areforum FTP site, and rewrote the steps into an order that I can follow, and will be working through those next. While I was looking for other suggestions on the forum I ran across a link to the following youtube video on laying out parking lots in the NCARB software:

How cool is that?! She has a few other in the series that are useful as well. After watching those and playing with the software a bit, I’m feeling comfortable in laying out a parking lot provided I know how many bays it should be. That part still baffles me…what exactly is considered a “compact” design? I guess I’ll just have to keep looking over other peoples’ attempts to figure it out for myself. It appears that in the case of this vignette, practice makes perfect…and with 6 days to go I’ve got a whole lot of practicing to do.

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3 thoughts on “on puns and parking

  1. marangelis says:

    Hi Jenny, Im not sure if you have seen this before, but this videos are really awesome for the SPD vignettes

    Good Luck!

    • jennypdx says:

      Wow, I hadn’t seen that before! The wind/views and closeness videos answered a few questions I was working through last night…perfect timing. Thanks for the tip!

  2. shiou says:


    I just wanted to let you know that I created those videos a while ago to help prepare for my ARE SP exam and that the new YouTube video link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZALLdheb0s

    For those who don’t want to download a codec or have video viewing issues can watch the videos from my YouTube channel (xiaobabycat)

    And as marangelis mentioned above, you can download my videos (I made 5 videos) at the IronWarrior link: http://www.ironwarrior.org/ARE/Site_Planning/SP%20Videos/

    Make sure to read the PDF: http://www.ironwarrior.org/ARE/Site_Planning/SP%20Videos/readme-SDmovies.pdf

    Thanks for sharing! I hope the videos have been helpful!


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