SS also stands for So (much to) Study

SPD has been on my mind all day. It’s been two business weeks since I took the exam, so my results should have been in the mail when I got home. I checked the stack:

Junk. Junk. Bill. Junk. Subscribe to Architecture Record Now For Our Low Professional Rate!!!

Damn! Guess I got all worked up for nothing…oh well…it just means that I can focus on studying tonight instead of drinking in celebration/disgrace.

Matches are the only way one could possibly burn through all those flashcards.


Now that I think I have just about every study guide, resources and pdf sitting on my desktop, not to mention the tower of flashcards and textbooks on my real desk, I can finally start organizing them in my study guide. I have absolutely no solid strategy at this point aside from “read everything.” Fortunately like PPP there is a ton of information out there, and I’m sure a lot of what I have is redundant. I feel like I have the resources I need to do well at this point…I just need to start using them. My plan is to get through as much of the general information as possible and then start practicing the calculations. With a bit of luck, most of it should come back to me quickly. It looks like my class notes are pretty detailed (also: covered in studio project sketches/to-do lists) and I forgot that I had kept all of my quizzes and exams. Jackpot.

A friend clued me in on SHARKS today, so I’ve been listening to their new album while writing tonight. For some reason I really enjoy listening to punk music while studying, so this will be a great band to add to my ever-growing ARE playlist. I just have to make sure those Schiff-Hardin Lectures finally get unchecked. They’re helpful, but don’t have a very good beat.

Ok…back to reading FEMA

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