SPD is over. OVER.


Pardon my french but, ho-ho-hoooooly shit I cannot believed I pulled that off.

It’s been a long three weeks, the last of which I spent convincing myself that a Fail would be fine, and probably likely, given my site design vignette. But it turns out NCARB thought it was good enough and for that I’m ecstatic. I still feel humbled about the experience, and will be sure to remember the lesson I learned about asking for help on areforum. Speaking of which, I still need to post my exam thoughts and notes over there. Sounds like a good plan for tomorrow. Now it’s off to downtown for a victory burrito and Timbers match vs. Real Salt Lake (we beat them at home last year, hoping for a repeat tonight) in the pouring rain. I couldn’t be happier.

PS: For my non-Portlandia readers, take a look at this clip to get the full effect of the post title.

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3 thoughts on “SPD is over. OVER.

  1. Joe D. says:

    Its Over!

  2. Matt says:

    Jenny, I am attempting SPD for the third time. The subject that keeps killing me is ‘Environmental Issues’. Any suggestions as to what to read? Thanks and good luck on going 7 for 7!

    • jennypdx says:

      Hey Matt, sorry to hear SPD is giving you a rough time! Environmental Issues covers a wide variety of topics and I seem to recall the best way I studied for that section was to check out other study guides on the arefourm ftp site, brush up on LEED, and do web searches for topics I didn’t know much about (eg: hazardous materials, alternative energy). If you look at the end of my SPD study guide there are links to the resources I found helpful, perhaps they might be of some use to you as well! Best of luck, third time’s a charm, right?

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