on flashcards and feeling like a hamster.

Ok, so I’m through the purple stack of NALSA flashcards. Phew. It looks like I knew about 1/4 of them, which means I have plenty to review when it comes to vocabulary and basic equations. I was surprised at how many practice problems were included in the stack, something that I’m sure I’ll also appreciate it later. I have the stack sorted into the following piles: Vocabulary, Equations, Facts/Rules, and Concepts. These (as you may have guessed) are the sub-sub headings for my notes, so the next step with the cards it to start plugging them into my notes in the correct general/seismic/wind/lateral subheading.

I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten off on the right foot with my notes, which has been frustrating. I’ve been jumping between flashcards, my college notes, and forum study guides, and haven’t been making remarkable progress on any of it. It sort of feels like being a hamster in a wheel…moving, but not going anywhere. At this point I think the best plan of attack is to get something…anything…done and off my desk.

Anyway, not much else to say at this point, just felt like I needed to write an update. Here’s hoping that’s the motivation I need to hit the notes hard tonight.

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3 thoughts on “on flashcards and feeling like a hamster.

  1. Rick Hunnel says:


  2. thomas c. says:

    big ticket test item… lateral. know that in and out….side to side?

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