what I need is “how to be your own structural engineer”

if only it was that easy...

Most of my blog posts come to fruition based on conversations I have with Nate, the family, or admittedly myself about how the ARE process is going. The problem (as I have lamented before) is that often times the conversation goes like this:

Them: “Whatcha do today?”
Me: “Oh, just studied.”

Doesn’t exactly make for invigorating reading material, right?

So sorry for the lack of updates…there hasn’t been much to write about. To be honest, it’s been a slow few weeks with hardly any material to show for the little studying I actually accomplished. I’m genuinely embarrassed, but life happens I guess. Now that my exam is just under four weeks away I’m beginning to feel the pressure and have been slowly working my way out of the study rut I got myself into by dedicating 2-3 hours a night to Structures. I’m currently reading and taking notes on FEMA 454, which has been really fascinating. As a life long resident of the Cascade Range, and therefore no stranger to earthquakes (or volcanoes) it’s interesting to learn about what processes and strategies go into creating safe structures that I inhabit daily.

I’ve also been doing a quick refresher on equations. I’ve gone through all of the guides I could find on the FTP site and started working through my school notes. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what I need to remember, now I just have to start practicing problems. In general, I still feel like I’m not making as much progress as I’d like…Damn. With a bit of luck and a whole lot of hard work, it’s my goal to feel much more confident in a week’s time.

If only being an architect was as simple and concise as the little book I saw at the Seattle Public Library made it out to be. I suspect it wouldn’t be nearly as fun or rewarding if that was the case, though. And besides, who wants to live in a world where that blood orange red color is allowed?

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