on kaplan, defection for the love of architecture, and (shhh) vacation plans

Things are going better this week.  Huzzah.

I’m working may way through the Kaplan exam guide, writing down equations and practicing problems as I go.  It’s all making sense so far, but unfortunately I’m only on Chapter 3.  I need to pick up the pace a bit, or else I’ll never get through the book.   If I can work through two chapters a night for the rest of the week, then I’ll have it done by Sunday.   There’s not much going on, except for going out with Nate sometime towards the weekend and a Timbers match on Sunday evening,  so right now I think my goal is doable.

I finally took a stab at the vignette and it went much better than I has planned.  I think the SPD site design problem still has me running a bit scared…I was expecting this structural layout to be much more difficult.  I followed dwg’s approach for the first attempt last weekend, and then today during lunch I tried it out for myself.  It took me about 10 minutes to do.  Here’ s how it turned out:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I liked using columns instead of bearing walls, so I’ll keep running with that strategy for now.  I’m going to practice a few more times, and get my hands on some alternates; Dorf for sure, maybe Kaplan, but to be honest I’ve found that source to be more of a burden than help on the other vignettes.

My exam was originally scheduled for this Sunday, so I’m going to try and push though this week as if that was still the case.   I want to get through Kaplan as quickly as possible so I can move on to the Q&A book, as well as go back to organizing  my study guide and reading all of the supplemental information.  I’m getting tired of looking at the mound of papers and books on my desk.

I’m so glad that I pushed the exam back.  After talking with a few fellow members over on the forum, I got a bit of a boost of confidence that I really needed to help get me through the next few weeks.   My family and my friends have been wonderful and supportive during this exam process, but the people I’ve “met” here and on arefoum have truly helped me work through my doubts.   Hearing that it’s ok to postpone and that frustration is normal  from people who are in the same boat is incredibly comforting.   I know I said it in the last post, but I just have to thank you all again for your kind words and encouragement.  I owe you a beer.

The Timbers  have a match down in Houston tonight at 5.30.   Typically I’m not too adamant about watching away matches, but the Dynamo just opened their new stadium last weekend and I’m dying to see some soccer played there.   As a designer, I think it is a stunning work of architecture and it’s one of my new favorite structures.   As a Timbers fan, however, I hope it’s cursed and the Dynamo lose horribly there… at least tonight.



Final Note:   this is absolutely not AREndurance related…but I can’t resist throwing this out to my nation-wide ARE/architecture savvy peers.   I’m visiting Los Angeles for the first time next month (after the SS exam) for my sister’s grad school graduation.   Aside from that, and Disneyland with the family, we don’t have much planned.   What  architectural spots should I check out?   I’ve got the Gamble House, Disney Concert Hall, and Getty Museum on my list…what am I missing?  Any good historic sites or hidden gems?    Thanks in advance for the suggestions!   Now…back to studying!

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8 thoughts on “on kaplan, defection for the love of architecture, and (shhh) vacation plans

  1. Rick Hunnel says:

    Just up the road from the Gambel House is FLW Millard House.

  2. Rick Hunnel says:

    Sorry, Gamble

  3. Sandy says:

    LACMA, Walk downtown- go to the top of City Hall- see Caltrans building, bradbury building (Bladerunner was filmed there), go get dim sum in China town. Empress Pavillion is highly recommended. Architecture nerds can go visit The Kings Road House by Schinder, and if you drive around in Silverlake you can see some Neutra designs. You might also want to go to Santa Monica Pier. It’s just fun, and downtown promenade has good food and shopping opportunities. Sunset strip is fun to drive at night.

    P.S. I’m sad about the AREforum being down and thank you for coorborating that it isn’t just me!

    • jennypdx says:

      Thank so much for all the recommendations, Sandy! I will try to get as much of that on my itinerary as I can. I’ve been wanting to try dim sum, Empress Pavilion looks like a great place. Cheers!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hey…don’t hate on the Dynamo Jenny! Afterall, this Houstonian loves her some Columbia River Gorge, extra long city blocks, Rose and Japanese gardens, Mount Hood and Seattles Best coffee! hahaha Have a great vacation in Cali. I wish I could help with tourism suggestions, but Portland has been my only west coast travel destination.

    • jennypdx says:

      haha…I kid, I kid 🙂 The Dynamo have a great thing going and I look forward to matches against them each season. If I’m ever headed to Houston (it’s on my must-see list) I’ll hit you up for suggestions. Do you accept payment in rose petals and coffee beans?

      • jyoungarch says:

        Anytime! I haven’t been to Portland since 2000 and am craving another trip. LOVED the city! Go Timbers!

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