You don’t realize what you miss until it’s gone, or at least 403 forbidden

Well it looks like things are still a little quiet over at areforum. Word on the tweets is that members across the country haven’t been able to access the site all day, so if you can’t either, know that you’re not alone!

While May 18 might not be remembered as the day areforum crashed, in my neck of the woods it was still a bit of a somber day. Today was the anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s. The disaster was five years before my time, but the images from the media, stories from family members, and bits of ash we *still* find when doing major landscape/site work in town, all serve as a chilling reminder of what nature is capable of doing. As I study seismic forces, with the mountain in plain view from my neighborhood, I can’t help but reflect of how far the design and approach of keeping people safe has evolved in the past 32 years alone. Even though we have more to study because of it, knowing how buildings protect should be a goal we all strive to reach.

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13 thoughts on “You don’t realize what you miss until it’s gone, or at least 403 forbidden

  1. JD says:

    Thanks for the update, Jenny. I’ve been wondering if this error was on my end or theirs. I’m supposed to take the CDs test tomorrow and would love to see what I’m missing on the areforum ftp. I have dorff solutions, kaplan, ballast, and AHPP. Do you or anyone have links to other helpful resources? Other sites to check for vignette alternatives?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. JD says:

    I discovered one helpful trick to access some forum threads: Google-search a question (for example: are forum CDs vignette overlap dimensions), within the google results page, click on google’s chache. Access to the google cache varies per browser, but this will display most of the thread, minus images.

  3. taylor says:

    Yep. It’s down. I have structures on Tuesday and was looking for reviews on my vignette. I just noticed your posted solution and it looks pretty much like mine except I have the exterior entry/overhang with a beam running n/s and roof decking running e/w. Yours is cleaner. I hope the forum returns. If it is down due to NCARB action-that is sad. There does not seem to be an architectural “community” that guides, encourages or assists between grad school and licensure. This forum is, for better or worse, all we’ve got. I appreciate that it is(was) there. Thanks for having your blog. Hello to PDX! I lived there twice in the 90s and my sisters still live in West Linn and Port Orford. Best of luck to you and your studies.
    PS- you can see a project of mine in West Linn on my website. It is almost done(4 years later)

    • jennypdx says:

      Hey! Nice website and awesome work, Taylor! It’s always cool to see new projects in the area. Glad to hear your SS vignette was close to mine, I was planning on posting it to the forum but…alas. Best of luck on your exam tomorrow!!

      • taylor says:

        Danke! I spoke with some friends who have taken SS one said they had a lot on soils and another said they had a lot many ??s w/ table and chart references. So who knows how it will go tomorrow. I am working today so I am not studying. Tonight I will skim through a few flashcards.
        Thanks for the well wishing and support in lieu of AREforum.
        This is a kinder, gentler atmosphere as a change.
        PS did you have Greg Acker as a prof at U of O? He is a find / colleague of mine.

      • jennypdx says:

        His name sounds familiar, but no, didn’t have him as a professor…perhaps as a reviewer, though! UO.pdx was pretty connected with the local design community, and we certainly had enough critiques!!

  4. First off, Jen, your blog has inspired me to do the same with my study experience. I’m not much further along in life (in general at 27), but I needed to get my butt into gear to get this done. Hopefully having a public blog( will force some accountability on me, and I will follow in your successes, passing the first time!

    Secondly, I was shocked to find the forum down myself. I was going to start pulling things off the FTP again for CDS, but then I couldn’t get in. Although the information isn’t quite up-to-date, ie wrong categories, wrong year versions of the AIA documents, a member had backed up the forum’s FTP and made it available while it was down. So if people are looking for the FTP information, or some of it, here is a link!

    • jennypdx says:

      Thanks so much for the link to the archived info…I will definitely use that and pass it on!

      Welcome to the ARE club!! I’ll be sure to follow your blog…It’s nice to read about how other people are tackling the process. Thanks for the kind words about mine, it’s been an incredibly useful place to organize thoughts, work through ARE/life issues, and generally keep track of each exam. I’m sure as you get into the groove with yours, you’ll find the same! (sidenote: the music videos are a nice touch.)

      Best of luck in your studies, and congratulations on taking the plunge. You’ll be getting those pass letters in no time. Cheers!!

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