Heads up: temporary/alternative forum!

I got a message on twitter from forum member Coach who has set up a temporary forum for exam help.   Haven’t used it yet myself, it looks like it just went live, but wanted to pass it along to everyone.  I did some detective work (aka typed “areforum” into Google and looked at the preview page that flies out to the right of the search results) and found out that the forum homepage has been updated to say:

Forum Status:
“The fourm’s server has reached full capacity.  We are trying to alleviate the load. This may require upgrade to the forum.  The forum will work intermittently while we solve this problem.”

So sit tight…sounds like it will be back eventually.  In the meantime, hope this alternative resource helps!


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2 thoughts on “Heads up: temporary/alternative forum!

  1. Marissa Fuher says:

    Huge bummer! Thanks for posting this to let me know. Taking my exam in 2 weeks so I hope it is up soon….Love your blog.

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