have an interior layout, won’t you?

Last night I sat down and went through alkikat’s compiled study guides (check them out, they’re great!), reread the NCARB exam guide, and read the SD chapter by Dorf. It was a good way to kick things off, and I think I have an idea of how I might start organizing my own guide this weekend.

That’s a lot of empty space in the middle…yikes

Here’s my first timed attempt at the Interior Layout, which took about 55 minutes to do.  Ultimately I’d like to get my time down to 30 minutes. I think with a bit of practice and creating a routine that shouldn’t be difficult.   To me, it looks like everything is working out pretty decently.  That being said, there’s a ton of wasted space in the middle of the suite (I don’t like that at all), my 5′ turning radius in the conference room overlaps the door (but I think it can move down),  and I’ve since learned that the executive desk in Mr. Jones’ office could have a 3′ clear dimension from the table, not the chair, provided there was enough space to get between the desk and the armchair.

Also, speaking of Jones’, I have no idea why, but every time I work on that room I get Me & Mrs. Jones stuck in my head.  My brain apparently likes to inflict not necessarily cruel, but definitely unusual punishment when I’m studying.   Here’s hoping there isn’t an office for Mr. Roboto on the actual exam.

Building Layout is tonight…let the Dorf charting begin!

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7 thoughts on “have an interior layout, won’t you?

  1. alkikat says:

    Looking good. Looks like you have the space elsewhere in the room but the turning radius you have is overlapping door in LCR. It’s also probably safer to provide 36″ from the edge of the door to the desk in JO. While the curved edge may not be an accessible side of the desk, forum consensus is that it shouldn’t be up against walls or other furniture. It took me a while to get this but just think of doors as furniture that don’t move and provide clearance around them as necessary.

    • bob says:

      Comment removed.

      • jennypdx says:

        Thanks for the note and for reading, Bob, I’m afraid I have to remove your comment because it reveals exam content…don’t want to risk any NCARB action. Sorry about that. Cheers!

    • jennypdx says:

      Thanks! Good to know a bit more about the clearances around the curved edge of the executive desk, I’ll keep that all in mind on my next attempt.

      • alkikat says:

        I should clarify (we’re getting into the weeds here 🙂 that it’s the edge of the door that probably needs to be accessible, not necessarily the curved edge of the desk. You can have non-accessible side of furn next to the curved edge if absolutely necessary but not the most conservative approach.

  2. Brian says:

    Love the website–with this exam, don’t overthink the “design” aspects. Just meet the program and you’ll be fine.

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