BDCS it is

please, take my money.

I thought about it for a few days, reread the exam guides, and talked to a few of you, and  I finally decided to go with BDCS next.

After finally settling on the division I went to Prometric’s site and was pleasantly surprised to find a new design.  It’s pretty good…definitely an improved color palette,  and really easy to use.  While the overall process hasn’t changed, I’m a big fan of being able to type in NCARB into the search bar and get our exam to pop up instantly (instead of scrolling through the list of available exams and missing it every.damn.time.).  It’s the little things that make my day, I suppose.

After dropping the $210 (and realizing that I’ve well passed a grand in exam fees, ouch) I confirmed a Saturday appointment on September 22.  That gives me plenty of time to enjoy birthdays, partake in a big family wedding in Seattle, reintroduce myself to the gym, and still get lots of studying in.   Now it’s time to start laying out my study guide based on the NCARB guide, and looking at all the recommended sources on the forum.

I’m still waiting for my SD results, but I’m not expecting them until later this week at the earliest.   Here’s hoping that getting a jump start on the next round will keep my mind off of the results.

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4 thoughts on “BDCS it is

  1. Valeria says:

    Hi Jenny

    I am studying BDCS also. I will study BDCS and BS together, because I am planning to take them with a week difference. I have taken these two exams already. BDCS was easier for me, BS was more complicated because it had a lot of formulas and exercises.

    Good luck on your study.


  2. ARE_Kboom says:

    I have to say that your blog, along with sunny disposition, put a positive face on a ver frustrating process. A very informative and helpful collection of resources.

    Forgive me, but I have to ask. Is there something going on with I have signed up with 2 seperate email accounts, which don’t get admin authorized. No viewing vignette pictures or making new posts. I realize you don’t run the forum, but i thought you might have some insight into why it appears closed off to some of us… I have emailed them without a response (2+weeks)

    Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks again for creating such a wonderful little blog.

    • jennypdx says:

      hey, thanks for taking the time to drop me a note, I’m glad you find the blog helpful!! I’m sorry, I don’t know why you’re not able to register areforum. Perhaps you might try registering again or sending another email. If I run across any solutions I’ll let you know!

  3. Jason Altman says:


    What made you decide on BDCS? I am at this cross roads too and was hoping to get some opinions on which one to take next. Thanks!

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