we’ll just put a happy little CMU block here…

While browsing neatorama, I ran across this youtube video.  Titled “This Guy Is the Bob Ross of Brick Laying” there’s absolutely no way that I was going to miss it.  While I never admitted it to others, I often found peace and comfort by watching The Joy of Painting after a bad review or tough day at studio while I was in school.  Something about it always gave me the motivation to brush off my troubles and try again.  Although a soothing and encouraging narrative  akin to Ross never developed, this video was absolutely memorizing to watch.   It’s almost a shame that as architects we never get to spend much time on a job site watching craftsmen do their work.  The effortless skill makes even the most simple CMU wall a thing of beauty…and I think we (or at least I) often forget to appreciate that.

I’m currently looking for overlaps on the BDCS study guide with things that I’ve already studied and included in previous study guides.  There was plenty in PPP, and I’m moving on to SPD next.  While I know I need to add more information to these areas, it’s nice to have a good start on the process.   It’s my hope that I’ll be able to keep chipping a way a little at a time on this exam, rather than feel like I’m cramming at the end.   So far so good!

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5 thoughts on “we’ll just put a happy little CMU block here…

  1. Rick says:

    a thing of beauty!

  2. Clay says:

    That was really fun to watch. Thanks for posting.
    I wish I had more opportunities to watch the construction process despite the calling of door/window details & deadlines…

    • jennypdx says:

      You and me both!

      (PS: I read your blog last night for a break from studying…loved your story about Paul at your office. We have a couple guys like that at ours, they’re such an inspiration. All the best in your IDP coordinating endeavors! Cheers!)

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