only one month until BDCS already?

Well, it’s been a heck of a week (and then some) off.  My birthday was absolutely fantastic, thanks again for all of your kind words.   Nate showed up at my house at 7.30 AM with a birthday cherpumple (I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at it), and then we took a drive to check out the Frank Lloyd Wright Gordon House south of Portland.   Dinner with the family was awesome, and we spent the evening (as well as a few more that week) working on a new…um…project.  I guess even as we’re getting older we’re not really growing up.  I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

My study guide has started getting dusty, no progress has been made as I flip through books or stare at construction details.  Last night I found myself reading up on light frame construction on a whim.   It was interesting, but I have nothing to show for it, besides whatever might have stuck in my mind.  Now that I have a month left until the exam I am going to have to implement a strict schedule in order to make sure I get everything covered.  And written down.   Tonight will be working on the masonry chapters from Fundamental of Building Construction.   Here’s hoping memorizing weep hole information won’t make me weep.

I’m planning on making progress in the next few days, however it may prove to be a bit challenging.  Within the past week two of my uncles were admitted to hospitals in area and are both still being heavily monitored.  One had a pretty serious stroke and the other a nasty infection.  I know they’re in excellent care, but am worried about both of them, as well as their families.  To me, doing whatever I can for them is way more important than studying.   That being said, until we know what the next step is, it’s really a waiting game at this point.   Perhaps hanging out in waiting rooms would be a good time to get things done, provided I don’t get distracted by any other peculiar building elements.

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15 thoughts on “only one month until BDCS already?

  1. Love the “Arch Enemy” cartoon which brought a little humor to my day. Best wishes for your family and for studying.

  2. alkikat says:

    Sorry to hear about your uncles. It’s tough to stay focused when you’re worried. I hope for the best for you and your family.

    I finally got around to writing my BDCS recap after a few days of pure doing-whatever-I-want. I started on study notes but gave up. See if they’re of any use to you. And wait till you get to “galvanic couples” and all the jokes you can make with that.!-%28and-notes%29

    • jennypdx says:

      Thanks so much, things are starting to improve for them! Thanks for the notes and exam thoughts, too. I’ve been so focused on the MC (like usual) that I haven’t given much thought to the vignettes. Sounds like I’d better start practicing…your dropbox packages are always so helpful. I hope you’re back to enjoying more of your do-whatever-you-want freedom!

  3. Valeria says:

    I hope your uncles get well soon. I have not started my study on BDCS, I am very behind. I am starting next Monday. Good luck.

  4. Kumiko Hara says:

    I am really sorry to hear that your uncles are ill. I hope they are getting better, and you can go back to the study mode. I am also studying BDCS right now. Good luck!

  5. jyoungarch says:

    Jenny – I’m sorry about your uncles. I hope everyone gets well soon. Send me your email and I will forward you my notes if you think they will be of help. I’d like to return the favor for all of your excellent notes over the last year or so. I’m taking Structures (yes again) in about 3 weeks….AND buying a new home (what was I thinking?)…so I understand the struggle of balancing all of this ARE stuff. Hopefully though, I can knock out these last two by Christmas!

    • jennypdx says:

      Thanks for the well wishes, they are very appreciated. I’ll send you an email at the address you listed, I really appreciate your offer, thank you. Good luck with the house purchase, what an existing undertaking! I’m sure you’ll do fantastic on SS this time around, too. Let me know how it goes 🙂

  6. Hi Jenny,

    I wanted to check with you the material you are studying for BDCS. I am reading Kaplan, but I think it is not enough information for this exam. Would you please let me know what material are you studying>

    Thank you!!!


  7. Valeria says:

    Thank you Jenny!!!

  8. Valeria says:

    Question: the Fundamentals of Building Construction book, I have the first edition, which it is old. Is this the one you used? Now there is the 5th edition out.

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