an update on studying wood/would be a good idea about now…

Oh wow is it time for the obligatory, “Sorry I haven’t posted, I’ve been studying…” blog post?  Time sure does fly when you’re getting stuff done (or trying to  at least…life has a way of getting hectic at just the right times).

barn raising hootenanny step number 6

With 10 days to go, I finally feel like I’m getting something accomplished.  I’ve made it through all of the information on wood, heavy timber, and light frame construction, as well as building code, accessibility, and a little bit on doors, windows, and thermal/moisture protection.   There’s a lot of information to fit into this tiny brain, and I think I’ve started purging information like phone numbers and birthdays of loved ones  in order to fit it all in.   I’m still struggling with Construction Types as keeping everything straight from Type IA to VB has proved challenging for me.   Tonight I’m moving on to Masonry and more miscellaneous materials like interior finishes.  Also, thai food for dinner, which I’m pretty psyched about.

I ran through 85 Kaplan practice problems during lunch yesterday and got a 54%.  Not great, but when I looked at the breakout of content areas I found that I scored quite well in the Wood division.  That’s a good sign.  I’ve fiddled around with the ramp vignette but haven’t touched the stair or roof yet.  Hopefully I can work my way through one of those today.  It occurred to me as I was getting ready this morning that I haven’t read the Dorf chapters on these vignettes yet, probably a smart thing to do ASAP.

Anyone know how to get a few extra hours in the day?  It sounds like I could use about 8 more.

I don’t feel as if I am at a point where I need to push the exam back.  I have until next Tuesday to ultimately decide, but so far I’m feeling okay as long as I keep up the high intensity pace.    Studying for this exam feels hauntingly similar to PPP.  It’s feels almost impossible to know when you’ve reached the point where you know it all.  I suppose that’s the case for architecture as a whole though, we never can really know everything.   Fortunately for the most part it’s all incredibly fascinating and I’ve found myself loosing track of time more than once while reading.

So here’s to another busy night, and hopefully another update soon.

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10 thoughts on “an update on studying wood/would be a good idea about now…

  1. archetect says:

    Was going to ask you about your “kaplan run”. What, per se, are you using to do that run of questions? Just the Q& A Book, or ????
    I hear you on the loads of material, as I am doing PPP. However, you got some hefty exams already conquered, where as I…..well lets just say I am hoping to get “this one”. I really need it.

    • jennypdx says:

      For this run I was using the Kaplan Online supplement that came with the package I bought. They’re the same questions as the study guide chapter quizzes and Q&A…I just don’t have to grade my answers when I’m done, haha 🙂 Hope you’re making progress!

      • archetect says:

        Ah right…I actually “splurged” and bought the supplemental you speak of for PPP. yeah I noticed that it mimics the study guide some (kind of condensed) but good. Good to know I am in fantastic company with that small bit.
        I am trying to do what I can, but it’s been difficult (as you stated). That and I hit a plateau, which has stressed me further. I can’t seem to get myself in the right frame of mind to read any further. It’s been tough, so I am doing bits at a time where I know I will retain the info.
        Good luck to you as yours is coming up soon!.

  2. Tom says:

    Sounds like you are keeping your nose to the grindstone jennypdx. I know you’ll be ready and do fine. While I was looking on the forum I came across a link to the old ftp site. I’m sure you already have the information, but just in case you don’t:
    There were a couple short study guides in the ARE Checklist and BT Composite Study Guide files that may be worth looking at for preparing for the vignettes quickly. I just looked quickly at them, because like you I’m still absorbing material out of the books. It appeared they may have been from 3.1 and included some vignettes we’ve already accomplished, so a quick look at them could tell whether they are worth their salt for this exam. Good luck, and keep on perservering.

    PS. Congrats Tom (2) and you may want to take a look at this also.

    • jennypdx says:

      I hadn’t see those yet, thanks so much for passing them on! I really appreciate a good step-by-step vignette approach to use while I’m working through the process, both of those look like they will be really useful. Thanks again and good luck to you!

  3. Roberta says:

    When you find out how to increase the hours in the day let me know. I work full-time and now I’m taking precalculus. Attempting to study for the ARE is not easy with my schedule. Good luck!

  4. Valeria says:

    Jenny – thank you for the post. Are you reviewing some contents of PPP and SPD for this exam?. If yes, would you please let me know which ones?

    Thank you


    • jennypdx says:

      Yes, the short answer is that I’m looking at everything on the NCARB guide that was also on the NCARB guides for PPP, SPD, and SS. That includes furniture/fixtures/equipment, foundations, hazardous materials, adaptive reuse, sustainable design, code/accessibility, cost estimating, project schedule, & risk management. There’s a lot of overlap, more than I was expecting, so i’ve been able to review that material and build on it with info that pertains more to building systems and materials.

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