world, the time has come to…

Obviously this is the most appropriate “get psyched” track to listen to this morning.

BDCS. Let’s do this.

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21 thoughts on “world, the time has come to…

  1. archetect says:

    Is it Today?? Best of luck Jenny!!!

  2. keith says:

    good luck Jenny!! it was easier than I thought i passed

  3. Kate says:

    Good luck Jenny! Your blog is awesome! I’m beyond impressed that you put this out there for everyone to share. I hope it goes well today – I think it’s safe to say that you have studied well and studied hard 🙂

  4. i2defy says:

    You rock girl, wish you great luck.

  5. koki says:

    Good luck girl!!!!!! You inspire me with the studying!!! Im taking BDCS soon!

  6. Jaclyn says:

    Was going to leave a message Friday but I got caught up in studying. Hope that your test went well yesteday!

  7. Vivian says:

    Hope you receive you pass letter soon, Jenny. I just receive my last exam SS pass letter & finally done with ARE. With they way you prep for those exams, i am sure you will be at the end of ARE journey very soon! all the best!

  8. Valeria says:

    Good luck Jenny!!!

  9. Valeria says:

    Jenny: are you going to post the exam experience comments and the list of materials you have studied? Also your summary could be GREAT!!! Thank you for helping always.

  10. emilyscanlon says:

    Hope you passed Jenny, Good Luck! (I”m confident you were prepared.) I tested for SPD on Saturday as well. It was rough. I thought i was pretty prepared, but the MC questions were tricky and the vignette threw me for a loop, leaving me scrambling to finish. Here’s hoping and praying for a miracle pass letter! Thank you for your guide though. I really enjoyed having it there to keep me on track.

    • jennypdx says:

      Thanks Emily, I’m glad you were able to use the notes! I felt the same way about SPD…I worked down to the last second on the vignette, yikes. But I passed and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you did too! Remember, it doesn’t have to be pretty, just work. Hope you’re finding some time to relax this week. Keep me posted on your results!

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