let BS begin

While still on a study high from BDCS, I scheduled Building Systems for Sunday November 4, which is just under six weeks away. It was that, or the Saturday after Thanksgiving…a weekend traditionally reserved for stringing old C-9 bulbs with Dad and watching A Christmas Story while unpacking all of Mom’s fragile decorations (who knew she had so much Italian stuff haha). I’m really excited to give this last exam a shot, and regardless of how I do on it or BDCS, it will be nice to not have to worry about studying during the holidays.

say hello to my little friend

I’m sure every joke/pun that can be made with the Building Systems BS abbreviation has already been done, so I’m not even going to bother trying to come up with one on my own. Truth be told, I’ve been kind of looking forward to getting back into this topic. In school my Environmental Controls class was a total blast. Then again, any class where you get to design systems for a LEED platinum night club one month and build snow forts to test its thermal capabilities another is bound to be cool. That course taught me that geeking out about building systems can be really fun.

I dug out all of my old notes from school, dusted my copy of MEEB off, and began looking at the multitude of documents on the arefourm FTP site. I can already tell I’m going to need as much of the six weeks as possible to get through all of the information. With the exception of building code, and maybe a bit of BDCS there doesn’t appear to be much overlap with any of the other exams…correct me if you’ve found otherwise. I’ve gone through the content areas and roughed out my study guide, as well as tired the NCARB practice problems. I got about a 60% so there’s plenty to learn. I feel like I’m off and running and have already forgotten about being nervous for my BDCS results.

That is, until I remember again. GAH!

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7 thoughts on “let BS begin

  1. Valeria says:

    Good luck with BS. This one is very specific, and yes there is no so much overlap with other exam’s contents. BS does have a lot of calculations, which take a lot of your time during the exam. I have taken this exam in the past, prepared very well and the day of the exam I got stuck in one calculation, lost a lot of time and that was it……messed up the rest of my exam. So my suggestion is practice a lots of calculations. Make a strategy of how you will approach the multiple choice part of the exam.


  2. Jason Altman says:


    Besides the equations that NCARB gives us on the exam, are there others that you would recommend knowing?

  3. steve says:

    Just arranged for this test at the end of October!

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