This November, her world will be transformed

descriptions of autobots and decepticons probably isn’t what they’re looking for, huh?

I had a really nice (and busy) weekend with friends and family, but managed to get a little studying in while I was waiting in line for the Timbers match early Saturday morning. I’m pretty sure my flashcards have seen the most love at soccer matches, so much so that I’m probably going to have to put a “splotches of beer may be visible” disclaimer if I decide to sell them after I’m done with the process.  You’d be amazed at the frequency I have to clean beer out of my purse…I blame the excited/inebriated guys that always end up behind me.

I’ve been going through school notes as rapid fire as I can, using MEEB as I go along.  I had forgotten how much we referred to the book in class, and I’m so grateful that I had the good sense to list table numbers and pages to use…It’s certainly making picking everything up again easier.  I’m finding that working through examples is pretty straight forward and that equations aren’t too difficult (yet).    It’s my hope to have my school notes complied into my study guide by the end of the week…doable with some effort.  Then I can move on to other recommended sources on the forum and study a little more out of MEEB directly.

While perusing the forum during lunch today I ran across a thread with a link to online MEEB Chapter Quizzes.   Chapter 1 was pretty easy, but I hear they get much harder. Yikes.  Still, I’m excited to have it as a useful resource in addition to the Kaplan Q&A book.  I’ve learned that the more study problems I can do before the exam the better I feel walking into Prometric.

Still no word on BCDS results. I’m guessing it will be Wednesday at the earliest…. which means it’ll actually be Friday.


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7 thoughts on “This November, her world will be transformed

  1. i2defy says:

    Oh Jenny, I am waiting for your pass results and BS notes. Your name will forever live with glory in the ARE world of losers like me.

  2. Jaclyn says:

    I risked it last month and took the BS without your notes… I was SO worried, b/c I absolutely love your notes. I got my results yesterday ater waiting 3 weeks and 3 days (TORTURE) and I PASSED! I would recommend studying the diagrams in MEEB more so than reading it cover to cover. I wasn’t able to do that in my time crunch, plus I kept falling asleep each time I tried. I am looking forward to taking my LAST test BDCS on Oct 25th. I actually took BS before BDCS since I had the same two left you did, and I wanted to make sure I got your notes for at least one of the exams! LOL. Good luck on your studies for the BS, I found it one of the most challenging for me. Good luck on your results for BDCS also!

    • jennypdx says:

      Thanks for the tips Jaclyn, I know what you mean about falling asleep when reading MEEB…it’s a great cure for insomnia haha. Best of luck on BDCS, hope you find the BCDS notes useful!!

  3. TC says:

    Just got my pass for BS today. It was a real bugger and like I posted on areforum (handle: beardo), I would have rather taken structures again. Down to BDCS on Thursday and retake of SD in two weeks. Then hopefully this nonsense is finished. Wondering if you have the alts for the BDCS vignettes, seems as though areforum is down again. Urgh.

    • jennypdx says:

      Congrats on the Pass!! Hope you have continued success on BDCS and SD. I’ll be sure to read your post-exam thoughts once arefourm is alive and kicking again. Here’s a link to alkikat’s dropbox folder containing all the vignette alts/notes/tips she used. Hope it helps, good luck!!

      • TC says:

        Thanks so much for the link. It sucks when the forum goes down a few days before an exam and you can’t get your daily dose of entitled newbie whining or cryptic feedback from the overlords…… Good luck with BS, I’m sure you will kill it!

  4. amygrunewald says:

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