Who knew there was more to youtube than cat videos?

Over the weekend I was pointed to a great series of youtube videos on electronics (thanks again Dustin!).  This video covers the basics of  Ohm’s Law:  Voltage, Current, and Resistance.   As a visual/audio learner I found it really helpful to have some short clips to watch.  I’m sure I learned the concepts much faster than had I been reading about them in one of my old textbooks.   Check it out if you’re interested!


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6 thoughts on “Who knew there was more to youtube than cat videos?

  1. archetect says:

    Yes Jenny, yes there is more to YouTube than the nonesense some young peeps waste their day posting on there. Lots of good things! Now, since you are a visual learner, was there anything you used for your other exams that was similar to this?
    Btw, crazy how you are ALMOST done! I kept thinking about that the other day……seems like a far off dream to me at the moment.
    Happy studying!

  2. Alberto says:

    Hi Jenny–there are lots of useful youtube links out there, especially for this exam. Thought I would share this guy’s page since I found it to be very helpful. Recently got through this exam and this helped a lot. Best of luck on your final ARE


    • Alberto says:

      I also just found an old email where I listed ALL the other youtube links and websites that really helped me understand all this stuff. If you’d like I can share it, just let me know, since it too long to post on here.

    • jennypdx says:

      Sorry it took me a little while to get back to you! Thanks for the link, these videos are great! I think I’m all set for now with resources, but should I need any more help I’ll take you up on your offer on sending your info. Thanks so much!!

      • Alberto says:

        No problem, I’m sure you are knee-deep into this beast by now, its incredible how many resources are out there for this one. Its almost like studying for 4 or 5 exams in one. Best of luck, I’m sure you will keep us all updated!!

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