And Last but not Least, a BS Study Guide

Mitch Hedberg on conveyance systems (RIP)

Well it’s late…or early now I guess… and it’s been a helluva long week, but I finally feel like I’ve gotten a grip on all this building systems stuff, there’s certainly a ton of it (would that convert to 12,000 BTUs, too?).  I’m so glad that I scheduled my test for Sunday, I honestly don’t know how I’d be ready if I didn’t have one more day for review.  I suppose I’d be up a sanitary waste line without a clean out.

Here’s my Building Systems Study Guide for your use if you’re interested.  Hard to believe that this is the last one!  It’s as thorough as I could make it, although nowhere near as in depth as MEEB.  I kind of feel like by the time I got to specialties, communications, and conveying systems I wasn’t getting as in depth on the  information as I had for HVAC, Lighting, etc.  I’m hoping that’s okay.  Given the types of questions that I’m seeing come up on the NCARB exam guide and the Kaplan chapter quizzes it seems like the emphasis is on the major systems.

I posted an attempt at the vignette over at arefourm and got some helpful feedback on a few little things to fix and work on.   While I was there, I checked out a few posts by other forum members and it looks like I might be in good shape.  All of my practice runs have gone fairly smoothly and I’m finishing with plenty of time to review.   The biggest challenge I have is making sure I’m not over lighting spaces.  I tend to add more fixtures than I probably need.

At this point my biggest concern is feeling more confident with the details.  I seem to have the big concepts down, but am getting stuck on all of the little facts like ADA clearance dimensions keeping all the types of light bulbs straight.  The rest of my time here will be spend reading and rereading, going through the Kaplan Q&A questions, and trying a few more of the vignette alternates.    Also, I’m pretty excited to get more than 3-1/2 hours of sleep at some point.  With daylight savings time ending this weekend at least I know I’m guaranteed 4-1/2.  Jackpot.

Finally, before I close, just wanted to send my words of support to all of you who are reading on the east coast.  I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are all safe and sound.  It’s been absolutely gut wrenching to watch what everyone is going through and I wish there was more we could do out here to help.   Here’s hoping that everyone will come out of this a lot stronger than they were before.   Best wishes for a speedy return to normalcy or better to you all.

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10 thoughts on “And Last but not Least, a BS Study Guide

  1. Takaren says:

    Hi Jenny!
    Thank you for the support. Although I am from the affected area, fortunately our family is safe. Now I am hoping that I can go to prometric on Tuesday to take my last test without major traffic issue. I am still struggling with Interior layout. I cannot reduce the time.
    BS vignette was not so bad. Probably you might see overlight or underlight situations, but just believe your instinct and go for it. Good Luck!

  2. Cam says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I’m sure tomorrow will be great, as all of the others have been!
    Thank you so much. I wish I had found this last year or even beginning of this year. You see I decided in 2010 to make an effort to start mine, I mean it had been 6 years since graduating by then, I mean come on! So I lined stuff up got my authorization to test early 01/11/11 and planned to start in February. Then my whole world changed and of course with everything going on in my life I failed my first. Thought I could still go on and went for number 2 in March, same result. Then I really had some tough personal life events and I just quit them all together.
    This year I truly found the love of my life and my confidence has also returned. I even finally did part 2 of my LEED exam and passed! So now I know it’s not that my brain has gone bad it’s just there was too much last year. I stumbled upon your page and I’m so inspired and ready to go! I am going to do these suckers! I feel nervous of course, you know the once bitten twice as shy thing and injured pride (us architects are “perfectionists” and really hard on ourselves) but, I’m going to dive in again!
    I want to be so done with this stuff before 1) I’m 35 and 2) those people change it all up again! and of course 3) for personal satisfaction and some professional fulfilment! I will worry about the missing IDP hours later. Like you, and most people I’m sure, I have a million and one hours overall but I am missing core hours in some areas.
    I’m going to do this! Oh Yeah!

    • jennypdx says:

      Hi Cam! Thanks for your note and best of luck to you in the internship process!! Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and the drive to knock these exams out once and for all! It’s awesome to hear you’re excited and inspired, I truly think getting to that point is at least a third of the battle. And you’re right, it having a loving partner truly is a confidence boost. Congrats to you for sticking through, I have no doubt that you’ll be getting lots of pass letters soon. Best of luck and cheers!

  3. Altman says:

    Thank you Jenny and the best of luck to you. I am sure as everyone else is that you will do great!!! Your guides have been a tremendous help and I can’t thank you enough for posting them. I take the BS on Nov. 12th, and am glad I get a chance to study your notes before I do!! Thanks again!!

  4. Good luck Jenny!!! You will do great.

  5. angela says:

    Jenny, I am sure it went well.

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