on Form, Force, and Structure (and cloud-based vignettes)

form image

don’t you love when a models also double as a necklace?

Here’s a cool little article that was brought to my attention over the weekend (thanks again Niharika!) on the historical relationship between form, force, and structure.  From the text:

“Following is a very brief review of the work of a number of designers of the early to mid-20th century, all of whom sought expression in new materials and the opportunities to create structural forms.   Much of their work has come to symbolize ‘structural art’, as defined by David P Billington…”

Otherwise said, this might be worth a quick read as you brush up on your history.  If you’re studying for the SS exam, add this to your list and give yourself a break from calculating lateral forces.

In ARE4 vignette news, NCARB is currently beta testing cloud based vignette software until March 18th.  So rejoice if you have 64 bit Windows or a Mac without bootcamp/parallells, your days of practicing vignettes on your desired computer are finally here.   Hit the link to sign up for the trail through your NCARB record.  I haven’t set this up myself, and I’m not sure how plugging in the alternatives on areforum will work, but I’m already pretty excited at the thought of not have to run bootcamp on my mac.  It’s been a first world problem, I know…

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5 thoughts on “on Form, Force, and Structure (and cloud-based vignettes)

  1. Marji Lucero says:

    Hi, Jenny, I have a question about the SP vignette, which I failed in September of last year. I had drawn a plaza that was in “pieces” linked by a walkway. Is it important to try to keep the plaza as one block, even if it is odd shaped? Do you think it is a “critical fail” component?

    • jennypdx says:

      Hi Marji, my guess is that it probably was a critical fail. The trick to the SP vignette is to take the program as literally as possible, no matter how ugly the result is. Since walkways are only used to get from the public right of way to the plaza, connecting two bits of plaza would be wrong. So odd shapes are fine, just keep it as one big block. To me the plaza was one of the trickiest components of the vignette and I had to practice it a lot. Check out the alternatives and other intern’s solutions over on areforum, they’re really helpful. Good luck on your next attempt!

      • Marji Lucero says:

        Thank you, so much, Jenny. I appreciate your advice. Thank you for your study guides also, I have them all, and hope that they will help me to pass. Good luck on your Building Systems exam! Thanks again.

  2. kam says:

    Hi Jenny, I am very VERY sorry to hear that the BS exam didnt work out last time for you! I cannot believe that. Well, I am writing to tell you that I would not be able to pass these exams without reading your materials. You inspire me to work hard and to get them done. Thank you so much. Best of luck on the final exam in a few months!!

    • jennypdx says:

      Thanks Kam! 🙂 I was bummed to fail, but it’s been a good learning opportunity, too. Best of luck on your studies, it’s an honor to know I’ve been able to help.

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